Dear Media Buyer,

How often do you find a totally new ad medium that is so unique, and so effective, that a U.S. Patent has been applied for?  What if your company had the first opportunity to take advantage of this medium giving you exposure on a product that the customer needs, and will use, for years to come?  Too much to ask for?   We don’t think so!
ScubaChecktm has developed a breakthrough safety product that provides divers immediate access to critical safety information as well as the most comprehensive checklist available. This ad medium is not only dramatically innovative in promoting your company, it is also considered a real breakthrough in diving safety.  The need of a safety checklist for the diving industry is becoming more and more apparent. ScubaChecktm answers that call.


  • Product Sample
  • Marketing Information
  • Ad Specifications
  • Sample Ads
  • Cost Comparisons
  • “Interactive/Live” Using Our HyperScantm.  The diver has instant access to your web site!

In this time of shrinking advertising budgets this represents a true breakthrough for you to target your best prospect.  Best of all, with an unprecedented 5-7 year product life your company’s image will stay in front of the diver for many, many years through both repetitive impressions and live Interaction to your web site!

You have the unusual opportunity to give your company an enormous advantage over your competition

HyperScan® QR Coded


So what is HyperScan™?  Our QR encoding provides divers using a camera-enabled smart phone or computer the ability to view your company’s web site, photos, product information, latest news, weather bulletins, and even download training videos. This is accomplished by the reader directly scanning your HyperScan™ code which can be in your own CheckBooks whether you purchase only a few or have purchased your own custom  production run!  It's a quantum leap in book publishing and means that ScubaChecktm can always be up-to-date with YOUR latest information!

The HyperScan™ QR code shown here is to our web site home page. But, with your checkbooks it would direct divers to wherever you want them to go!

                                          Go Ahead! 
                               If You Have A Scanner App
                           See Where This One Takes You!


Want It To Go To YOUR Site?



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