ScubaChecktm announces a breakthrough in scuba diving safety by improving divers immediate access to both critical safety information as well as the most comprehensive diver checklist available.

ScubaChecktm is the first multi-page, waterproof, pocket checklist. It is designed to give safe and logical information to all levels of divers. Details and responses provide volumes of information without the bulk of carrying stacks of books and manuals. Of all your scuba supplies, this could be one of your most important items!

4-COLOR Printing.
Our compilation of checklist information is in full color, providing quick access and easy reading.

Superior Materials.
We have incorporated a high-tech synthetic material, giving ScubaChecktm unsurpassed strength and integrity. Naturally, it is waterproof!

Safety Data.
We give divers a totally new safety product by providing the most useful data ever compiled into one pocket size book. Topics cover every step, from what equipment to test and pack for your trip, to emergency procedures while diving.

Shirt Pocket Design.
Very ergonomic. Divers love the convenience of our pocket design which will easily fit into your hand travel bag and BC pocket.

EasyTabtm Design.
Our ‘Stair-Step’ pages are cut in 1/4” increments for instant access to the information you need. Our pages are extremely easy to turn, even with one hand.


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Scuba Sample 1 small
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18 Stair-Stepped Color-Coded Pages

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Cover With Spiral

Patent Pending

Scuba pages Medium LoRes
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