ScubaChecktm officially launches this month.   Until then we thought you might like to see
just a few of the many accolades we have received about our Aviation Checkbook and our just released


With over 25 years of cruising, sailing, and powerboat experience, including 5 years of service with the USCG Auxiliary, I cannot overemphasize the importance of boating safety. I strongly recommend the use of a checklist such as the ones printed by NauticalCheck. The graphics, materials, contents, and layout, are absolutely the very best I have ever seen. My recommendation to all boat owners is to do not leave your dock without a copy aboard. Make it required reading and familiarization for your entire crew.

Raul H Diaz, Safety Inspector-Operations 

Recipients of the
“Flight Safety Award”

U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration

The Best Checklist Since Airplanes Were Invented.
Atlantic Flyer

I was so impressed that I took the display for my wife's training.
A very worthwhile product.
Phil Boyer, President, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

Very comprehensive and practical.
A worthy contribution to aviation safety.
Rod Machado, National Speaker / National Accident Prevention Counselor.
"Flight Instructor of the Year"

Will promote safety!
An excellent communicative tool between the pilot and the airplane.
Gregory G. Gorak, "1975 National Flight Instructor of The Year"
National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) "Master Instructor".
Gold Seal CFI, Aviation Safety Speaker, Flight Instructor Clinics.

As I get new students, you get new customers!
Jim Trusty, "1997 National Flight Instructor Of The Year"
FAA Aviation Safety Counselor.

With CheckMate there is no excuse for not using a checklist.
David Faile, “1999 National Flight Instructor of the Year”.
National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) "Master Instructor".
EAA Technical Counselor & Flight Advisor.
FAA Aviation Safety Counselor.

Completely sold on CheckMate.
They contain more information in one place than we've ever seen.
USAviator Magazine

Put away what you have been using. Take a tip from the professionals and use a real checklist.  Who needs it?  Any pilot looking for a concise,
well-organized, durable checklist.  What do we think?
These checklists are fantastic!
Private Pilot Magazine

We’ve never seen anything quite like it.
The methodical, organized flow would be a boon to any student or pilot.
The Aviation Consumer

Another in a long line of innovative, easy-to-use products that makes short work of preparing for the worst! Bring the Survival CheckMate on each and every flight, and then relax - you’re prepared.
Greg Erianne, Ph.D., CFII, Aviation Science Program Coordinator

Concise, well-organized, easy to understand.
This checklist just might help save the day.
Flying Magazine

I've had the opportunity to look at ESP CheckMate and have passed it around to some of my colleagues. Without exception, we all believe it is a perfect addition to our Air Safety Foundation.
Richard Hiner, VP of Training,  The Air Safety Foundation

After 50 years in Aviation, I can honestly say that the CheckMate is the very best I have ever flown with. This is a quality product that should be included in every pilot's flight kit regardless of his or her experience.
Raul H Diaz, Retired FAA Aviation Safety Inspector-Operations 

An important enhancement to safety.
Flight Training Magazine

Your products do more good to General Aviation than most products involved.  There is no way you could access the number of lives you have saved or helped greatly with the thoughtful checklists you have perfected.
You are a hidden asset to Aviation.
Charles Bowser, FAA D.E.R.
Representative, Retired D.O.D. & N.A.S.A. Flight Test Engineer.


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